Fly Fishing with Mauritia
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Francis Fulton-Smith, Werner Schulze-Erdel, Fritz Wepper, Professor Werner Mang, Bernd Herzsprung.

On the initiative of Mauritia

Germany's leading association for the support of disadvantaged children and adolescents by fishing,
in June 2017, their ambassadors visited to the Faroe Islands.
By publishing its annual fishing trips in the major magazines in Germany, the association draws attention, collects donations and promotes new members.

Articles about the ambassador trip in various magazines:
  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Angelwoche"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Blinker"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Esox"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Fliegenfischen"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Kutter und Küste"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Petri Heil"

  •  Magazine

    Magazine "Rubilov" (Russia)

Mauritia accompanies journalists in the field of sport fishing and imparts in-depth knowledge and the right approach to the specifics of angling tourism.

Read a very nice report (in German) by Arndt Bünting and Birger Domeyer in "Fisch und Fang" magazine (Paul Parey Publishing House) about the Faroe Islands:
You can watch a video about the fishing trip on YouTube.
Only for subscribers of Parey Publishing House.
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The fly fisher from the Faroe Islands out of the mist (Die Fliegenfischerin von den Färöer Inseln aus dem Nebel)
Kirchner Mauritia, memoirs 2021
Galling, Heinz, memoirs 2021
Hennings Horst, memoirs 2021

Part of the narrations from the book

FLY FISHING (Fliegenfischen)

by Peter Schmidt and Gerd-Peter Wieditz
Publishing house Mueller Rueschlikon
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